The II Ukrainian Gas Investment Forum took place on March 23, 2017 in Kyiv

The II Ukrainian Gas Investment Forum focused on attracting investments to the Ukrainian gas sector was held on March 23, 2017 in Kyiv. Forum Organizer – A7 CONFERENCES, Co-organizer – International law firm Dentons, Strategic Partner – Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine, Energy Partner – DTEK, Partner – ENGIE, Partner – Arab Energy AllianceUA, Partner — Regional Gas Company, Official Carrier – Turkish Airlines, Investment Partner – A7 CAPITAL.

Forum for the second time was a communication platform for open public debate and brought together key players of the Ukrainian gas sector, international financial institutions, professional associations, foreign embassies and major media to discuss the current situation and prospects of the sector and the transition to a new level of the gas market development.

The relevance of the conference is due to the ongoing development and growth of the gas market of Ukraine which opened the key themes of the event such as strategy of gas production development in the context of energy security of Ukraine, recent reforms and their effects, changes in legislation and the benefits they offer for Ukrainian companies and international partners, key aspects of the production and sale of gas in Ukraine, investment opportunities and financing of the sector and others.

Participants had a unique opportunity to expand the network of international partners, to exchange ideas and experiences during personal meetings with potential institutional and private investors, and communicate with colleagues in the course of the formal and informal parts of the event.


Volodymyr Kistion, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, said: “Special attention is given to implementation of the Concept of Ukraine gas production by 2020, which has a key goal to reduce dependence of our country on gas imports and, consequently, increase energy security. The main task of gas producing companies by 2020 is to reach 27 billion cubic meters of the Ukrainian gas production, 20 of which produce a state company “Ukrgasvydobuvannya”. The Government will contribute to creating an attractive investment environment in order to attract international expert assistance in the development and improvement of the legal framework in the field.”

 17436237_964905076979100_9149049300522235113_oRoman Opimakh, Executive Director, Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine, commented: «What do investors need in order to start investing in gas production? Bold decisions, namely the implementation of already approved plans: the introduction of tax incentives, deregulation of the permitting system and the modernization of the rules for the use of mineral wealth. It is the arrival of investments and technologies that are the key to rapid progress and improvement of the people’s well-being, that’s why today everyone – from developed to developing countries – is struggling to attract international capital.”

17492489_964904980312443_8335263496241152431_oOleksandr Dombrovskiy, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, mentioned: “On March 21, 2017 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the first reading adopted the draft Law №5370 which will enable us to initiate certain legal procedures for energy resources that have been lost due to the annexation of the Crimea and will allow to protect «Chernomorneftegaz» as a legal entity that owns assets, including licensing that should be used. One of the key challenges that we currently face with is the reform of «Naftogaz», in particular the separation of transportation of natural gas extraction. It is also important to attract investors for the modernization and preservation of the gas transportation system of Ukraine. The Committee cooperates with Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine. Indeed, in a country it is absolutely necessary to create a system of motivation and to remove all barriers that stand in the way of an increase in natural gas production. We go by the decision of key tasks – increasing the energy security of Ukraine, and move forward together with the Government and with market participants.”

17493157_964905080312433_4852361160292985481_oAndy Hunder, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, pointed out: “For Ukrainian energy sector’s long-term well-being we need leadership and responsibility. Eliminating barriers for doing business and implementing structural reforms in energy sector is vital to achieve Ukraine’s energy independence and attract foreign investors.”


Frederik Roose Øvlisen, Senior Economist, Studies and Planning, Ramboll Oil & Gas, said: “The situations for Ukraine and for Poland are comparable. Both countries serve as transit for Russian gas. The “Baltic Pipe” project, that connects Norwegian gas export via Denmark to Poland with a 10 bcm/year capacity, will allow Ukraine to import Norwegian gas. It should be operational by 2022″.

Among the other speakers of the Forum: Yulia Kovaliv, Head, National Investment Council Office; Chairperson of Supervisory Board, Naftogaz of Ukraine; Galyna Karp, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine; Myron Rabij, Partner, Dentons; Bartlomiej Gurba, Support Group for Ukraine, Energy & Environment, European Commission; Olga Bielkova, Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Volodymyr Gaydash, Head of Communications, UkrGasVydobuvannya; Igor Shchurov, Chief Executive Officer, DTEK Oil&Gas; Oleksiy Honcharuk, Head, Better Regulation Delivery Office; James Gillis, Managing Partner, Morgan Geare; Deputy Minister of Energy of Canada (2004-2007); Thomas Reed, Chief Executive Officer, JKX Oil & Gas; Fevzi Ametov, Co-founder, Drone.UA; Kateryna Sivakova, Vice President, A7 CAPITAL; Oleksandr Kharchenko, Managing Director, EIR Center; Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska, Head of Sustainable Development, Strategy and Investment Subcommittee, Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Aleksander Gorbunenko, Chief Financial Officer, Burisma; Alastair McBain, Chief Executive Officer, Arawak Energy; Mark Rollins, Chairman of the Executive Board, Ukrnafta; Maksym Sysoiev, Senior Associate, Dentons Kyiv, Co-Chair of the European Business Association’s (EBA) Fuel & Energy Committee; Sergiy Makogon, Executive Director, Ukrtransgaz; Willem Coppoolse, Head of Illiquid Markets Origination, Global Energy Management; Country Manager Ukraine, ENGIE; Andriy Olesiyuk, Head of Oil&Gas Division, DTEK Energo; Myroslav Bodnar, Business Development Director, Regional Gas Company and others.

General TV Partner – News One, General Information Partner – RBC Ukraine, General Radio Partner – Radio Golos Stolitsy, Exclusive Business Media Partner – “Business” newspaper, Exclusive Media Partner – LigaBusinessInform, media partners: weekly magazine “Energobusiness”, InVenture, Kyiv Post, Industry in focus, The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law, Energy Oil&Gas, Global Ukraine,, Easy Business, The Ukrainian Times, Petrofinder, HUBs, DiXi Group, OilNews, Cedigaz, Journal “Equipment and tools for professionals”, Nefterynok, Apostrophe, Terminal, EUEA, ExPro, Diplomat magazine. Supporet by: ACC, EBA, BUCC, Ukrainian Energy Exchange, BIOWATT, Association of Bioenergy Structures, Association of Gas Traders of Ukraine, Energy Research Center.

The materials and video of from the conference are available on the website:
For additional information, please, contact by tel.: +38 044 227 27 77, +38 063 145 87 35, (Contact person: Anna-Veronika Krasnopolska).


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  • Європейська комісія рекомендувала російському ПАТ «Газпром» укласти довгостроковий транзитний контракт із новим оператором української газотранспортної системи.

    Про це повідомила пресслужба НАК » Нафтогаз України» Facebook.

    «Єврокомісія рекомендувала Газпрому заключити довгостроковий контракт на значний обсяг за європейськими правилами і з новим українським оператором ГТС, бо це відповідає комерційним інтересам усіх сторін та забезпечує енергетичну безпеку Європи. Це правда», — написали у Нафтогазі.

    НАК наголошує, що російські державні ЗМІ натомість вдаються до фейків.

    «Спроби російських державних ЗМІ переконати когось у тому, що ЄС підтримує прагнення Росії отримати контракт за допомогою політичного тиску — неправда… Будьте обережні, перевіряйте інформацію і її джерела. Такого в найближчі місяці буде багато», — зазначили у Нафтогазі.

    Українська компанія також додала, що Єврокомісія не підтримує прагнення Газпрому за допомогою політичного шантажу уникнути виконання законного арбітражного рішення в Стокгольмі.

    «Термінал» писав, транзитний контракт з Газпромом може бути підписаний за умов повного виконання Україною європейських правил з відділення оператора ГТС. Про це під час п’ятого Українського газового форуму сказав міністр енергетики та захисту довкілля Олексій Оржель.

    Читать все: Анекдоты, газ, Компании, Официоз, Торговля, энергетика

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