CEO at Public Service

CEO at Public Service

Vadym Mosiychuk, the head of Ukraine’s State Reserve Agency, speaks of how difficult it is to turn a fat public cow into a gracious business gazelle.

«You know how it happens in our country, right? Someone takes assets, makes a company bankrupt and just disappears,» Mosiychuk says, and these words reflect both the background and today’s problems of his Agency. Its new leadership not only inherited a state structure branded as most locked-out and corrupt, but also it needs to deal with lawsuits totaling UAH 3 billion.

Appointed by former Ukrainian Minister for Economic Development and Trade Aivaras Abromavicius in 2015, Mosiychuk considers subordination to this ministry ineffective in the current realities and requests that the Agency be directly controlled by the government.

Speaking figuratively, Mosiychuk is like a stepson for the new apparatus of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, while inspections and scandals surrounding the bureaucratized apparatus are «sand thrown in the wheels,» which can lead to the fact that the EU Directive may not survive in Ukraine.

IMG_9108In the past decade, Mosiychuk has held leading positions in foreign companies, but the situation in the State Reserve Agency made him take a cold shower as early as on his first day in office.

Since that time, the Agency has undergone serious personnel reshuffles, and today the management was generally transferred to corporate business standards. Public competitions are being held to select officers among nominees, technical solutions are being implemented, the paper flow within the Agency has been boosted, and the mechanism of conciliation boards has been introduced, which is in fact a prototype of future supervisory boards.

Legal initiatives have been prepared, organizational efforts have been taken on enterprises, an effective IT infrastructure has been established, and preparations have been made for the implementation of the EU Directive on the establishment in Ukraine of minimum stocks of crude oil and petroleum products.

The motivation system within the Agency has also been brought closer to European standards: it is about long-term contracts for managers, several levels of motivation, and internal motivation – something the Agency’s CEO is really proud of. The objective for 2017 is to earn some UAH 100 million and give up on public funding.

TerminaL sat down with Vadym Mosiychuk at the Rekord (Record) Factory in Zhytomyr, following one of such conciliation board meetings. Heads of organizations within the State Reserve Agency’s structure report in strict format on their key performance indicators, and plan them for 2017, discussing some ambitious goals.

The Agency’s head motivates them to raise the bar even higher, surprises them with his ability to see a prospect in each problem, and general benefits in individual opportunities. The meeting is over, and regional company managers will soon return to their offices. As they leave, they are not asking for gratitude or praise, but it is really important for them to know that something is actually changing in the State Reserve Agency, and all their efforts are not in vain.

In his interview with TerminaL, Vadym Mosiychuk shares his experience on how he managed to implement an effective management and motivation system by making the Agency a donor of the state budget; he also talks about the implementation of EU Directive 2009/119/EC on the establishment of strategic stocks of crude oil and petroleum products, and unveils why in 2017, the Agency will see «transformation, modernization and consolidation.»

Read full interview — CEO at Public Service.


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